The Dual Width Guidering M

Step-up to the best chain retention with the Modified Guidering!

Optimized dual width tooth profiles and chamfers provide greater chain retention than standard rings. But we didn’t stop there! Months of testing and numerous iterations have yielded a long-wearing shape and finish to make sure your chain stays put even after months of use.

Coupled with a clutch-style 10 or 11 speed rear derailleur and proper drivetrain protection, you’ll be ready for anything the trail throws at you.

104mm bcd rings feature a flip-flop design that allows for a 49mm or 50mm chainline.

30t rings use a fixed 47.5mm chainline and are not compatible with chainguides.

Available colors: Black or Red

Primary Uses: Any 1-by set up

ring material EXA+ Aluminum
thickness 5mm
bolt circle diameter 104bcd
compatibility 8, 9, 10, 11 speed
ring sizes 30, 32, 34, 36, 38
colors black, blue or red
weight 54g (36t)
availability NOW

M Ring

Does the Guidering M work as well with 9/10 speed as it does with 11 speed?

Guidering M technology increases chain retention on 9, 10 and 11 speed systems. However, due to the larger gaps between the plates on 9 and 10 speed chains, the level of retention is reduced when compared with 11 speed chains. Guidering Ms work best if your bike uses a clutch style rear derailleur.

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Do I still need to run a chainguide with the Guidering M?

It’s no secret we make chainguides – accordingly, we are pretty enthusiastic about keeping chains on.  For the minimal weight penalty, we still recommend at least an XCX style guide with upper plastics. When new, with an 11s system, a Guidering M can do quite a amazing job of retaining the chain. However, over time several factors can reduce the retention capability of the Guidering M. These factors include chain wear/stretch, ring wear, and rear derailleur clutch friction deterioration (or clutch failure). A 70g weight penalty for an XCX I05 is well worth the peace of mind, especially in race situations. Guidering Ms work best if your bike uses a clutch style rear derailleur.

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Can I use a Guidering M on my double/triple crankset?

Guiderings are designed to be run as a single front chainring, as a result they do not have shift features that will allow your chain to move from one ring to the other. While they will fit on most 104mm BCD cranks they are only intended for single front ring use.

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Can I install a Guidering M on a non-e*thirteen crankset?

We optimized the chainline of the Guidering M to work best on e*thirteen cranks, but the 104bcd version will fit up to any 104 bcd crankset without inner chainring tabs.

Direct mount rings feature an e*thirteen specific spline and are only suitable for e*thirteen cranks.

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How do I know when my Guidering M is worn out?

Wear and tear on a Guidering M is dependent on riding conditions and bicycle maintenance just like any other chainring. If you keep it and your chain clean, it will have a longer wear time. Like any ring, if you start to see a loss in it’s chain retention properties, it’s probably time for a new one.
Replacing your chain based on your chain manufacturers recommendations will make your guidering last much longer than using it with a worn stretched chain.

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Should I use a specific type/brand of chain with my guidering M?

For 11sp XX1 or XO1 drivetrains we recommend Sram’s XX1 or XO1 chain. For 10sp drivetrains we recommend high quality Shimano chains such as XT or XTR.

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What size chainring bolts do I need for my 104bcd Guidering M

As with mounting any single ring, you will need chainring bolts with a 5mm T nut.

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Chainrings come individually, but you can grab some chainring bolts separately if you need them.