Behold, the new ultimate in lightweight race day chain retention – from the World Cup circuit to your home track!

The LG1r provides our top-notch retention in an ultra-lightweight, race ready package. A carbon fiber backplate provides unmatched stiffness and a perfect platform for race day domination.

Primary Uses: Winning World Cup downhill and 4X races, enduro

backplate material compression molded carbon fiber
drivetrain protection DMB (direct mount bashguard)
sliders adjustable w/ ring size indicator
slider hardware EXA+ captive red alloy
lower armature 3 position adjustable indexed slider
chainring range 32-36t
mounting standard ISCG’05 (bb w/adp)
roller tech 3 stealth idler
color white, blackout
weight 161g

LG1 Guides

Can I use a 32T chainring even though your specs say 33T for a minimum?

We only recommend down to a 33t as the upper slider may start contacting the crank spider arms before you can get it low enough to function properly. As a result we cannot recommend anything smaller than a 33t as it may allow the chain to escape. It is semi dependent on you crank however, so all of our guides do have a 32t position on them that will allow the slider to go into the 32t position if your cranks will allow it or if you are running a spiderless ring.

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What is the difference between the LG1tr/TRS+ and LG1/LS1+ guides?

Just the names. We changed them to better fit our growing product line and to help prevent confusion.  The LS1+ guide is now the base model guide in the LG1 series. The LG1tr is a trail and enduro oriented guide so it is now part of our TRS enduro line.

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How do I know what setting to use for the lower assembly and what do N, R, and W stand for?

N, R and W are: Narrow, Regular and Wide. The lower armature is adjustable to allow the upper and lower Wearplates to be oriented in a position that ensures perfect chain retention. Most bikes will use the regular position, hardtails often use the narrow position and bikes with dropped chainstays or tight clearance due to suspension pivot location might require the wide position. Reference your owner’s manual for diagrams which show the correct positioning.

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My guide came with a spare long M5 black bolt in the packaging. What is this for?

This bolt is a steel version of the gold alloy bolt that holds the lower roller assembly to the backplate. We provide it as a spare part because we are nice like that.

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The Tech 3 Steath Idler looks just like the pulley on my rear derailleur. If I loose it, can I use a derailleur pulley as a replacement?

It is unlikely a derailleur pulley would work. Only use genuine e*thirteen replacement parts to ensure proper the function of your guide.

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What are the main differences between the LG1+ and the LG1?

The LG1+ uses an aluminum backplate whereas the LG1 uses a stamped steel backplate. The Aluminum version on the LG1+ is stronger and 80g lighter than the steel version found on the LG1. The LG1+ also has an adjustable lower armature that might provide better fitment and function on some bikes.

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LG1r chainguides come with the following in the box for easy install:

  • Guide, preassembled
  • ISCG mounting bolts and washers
  • ISCG 05 guides come with an ISCG05 to BB adapter
  • An extra lower slider/roller bolt
  • Instruction manual