Coming spring 2013!

The Ultimate Enduro crank for 1x or 2x.
Over the top thinking by our engineers results in novel and innovative features that allow for lighter, stiffer, stronger and more reliable cranks. 30mm spindles provide a rigid base for the system while our proprietary P3 Connect Polygon interface creates a more robust, reliable, impact-resistant spindle-arm junction. Spiderless chainrings shave grams and efficiently transfer power.
Primary Uses:  Enduro Racing and general shredding.

Weight (single) 751 grams > 175mm, 22/36t and threaded BB
Lengths 170, 175, 180mm
Material Exalite R Forged
BB Width 68/73mm
Spindle P3 Connect
BB Choices BSA, PF30, BB92, BB30 - not included
Single Version 28, 30, 32, 34, 36t Guidering
Double Version 22/36, 24/38
Hardware Integrated Spider/Ring. No bolts
Incl. Tools BB Install
Color Black with Red Spindle

General Crank FAQ

Are your cranks/rings 10sp compatible?

Yes, all of our cranks and chainrings are 8, 9 and 10sp compatible.

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Can I use a different brands BB with your cranks?

Our cranks use a 30mm diameter aluminum spindle in order to reduce weight and improve stiffness in the system. Most other cranks on the market use a smaller 24mm steel spindle on their cranks. As a result our cranks should only be used with our BBs as others will not fit properly.

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Why don’t your cranks come with a BB?

We want you to be able to choose the right BB for your frame.  All BBs are available in Plus and Base levels.  Here they are:

  • British Standard Threaded
  • BB92
  • Pressfit 30
  • BB30

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Do I really need to use a torque wrench while installing my cranks?

Absolutely. It’s always important to tighten all fasteners to  the torque specifications found in the owners manual. If you do not install your cranks properly, they may loosen up and damage the interface.

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Can I use your cranks on my PF30, BB30 or BB92 frame?

Yep, you just need to order the proper BB to fit your frame’s BB standard, your local shop or frame manufacturer should be able to help you find what standard your frame uses.

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What is the bolt circle diameter (BCD) for e*thirteen cranks?

All of our cranks and crank mounted bashguards, with the exception of our direct mount rings, use a 104mm BCD pattern.

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Your cranks use a 30mm spindle, does that mean they are BB30?

BB30 refers to an entire standard, based around more than just spindle diameter. Our cranks will not just drop into a BB30 frame, but we do make adapter cups to fit BB30 frames.

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My cranks feel tight after installing them, is something wrong?

Some of our cranks currently use a wave washer and spindle spacers to adjust the bearing pre-load and account for tolerance differences in individual frames. If too many spacers are used the bearings can be over pre-loaded resulting in excess drag Our newer cranks use our APS system for preload which functions a bit differently. Refer to the owners manual to ensure that your cranks are installed properly. If you think they are installed correctly and you still have questions, contact your local Hive dealer.

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What is APS?

APS is the new preload system for our cranks. It does away with wave washers and spindle spacers making set-up much quicker. Just install your BB, torque your cranks to spec and adjust the APS dial until there is no more play.

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Do I need to use my pedal washers?

Yes, pedal washers greatly strengthen the interface between crank and pedal and will minimize the possibility of tearing out your pedal threads in case of a hard impact.

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TRSr cranks come with the following in the box for easy install:

  • Right crank arm and spider assembly (or integrated rings)
  • Left crank arm
  • APS adjuster
  • BB install tool
  • Pedal washers
  • Instruction manual
  • Cranks sold with chainrings come with rings preinstalled with applicable chainring bolts
  • Crank models shipped without chainrings include chainring mounting bolts

Bottom brackets are sold separately in order to fit a variety of frames. Not sure what BB you need? Check our tech info for BB standard information.