The XCX has been used by friends and employees of e*thirteen since 2004 and has been proven at the highest levels of competition right out of the gate. Having won the Men’s Elite Silver medal in the 2009 UCI World Championship Cross Country race, the XCX is the first chain retention system in the world to podium at an international World Cup XC event.

Primary Uses: XC Race, 1-by set-ups

backplate material EXA+ Aluminum
frame mounting style Shimano E-type & SRAM S3
slider adjustment adjustable (w/ ring size indicator)
slider hardware EXA+ captive gold alloy
chainring range 33-42t
chainline adjustment 49 to 53mm
color white, blackout
weight 60 g


Can I use a 32T chainring even though your specs say 33T for a minimum?

We only recommend down to a 33t as the upper slider may start contacting the crank spider arms before you can get it low enough to function properly. As a result we cannot recommend anything smaller than a 33t as it may allow the chain to escape. It is semi dependent on you crank however, so all of our guides do have a 32t position on them that will allow the slider to go into the 32t position if your cranks will allow it or if you are running a spiderless ring.

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I have a BSA BB shell on my frame. Should I use a XCX BB or an XCX ST?

We generally recommend the XCX ST as it will provide more chainline adjustability and also is easier to install.

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I noticed you make 2 version of the XCX ST – a high clamp and a low clamp. Which do I need?

Check with your frame manufacturer to see if they recommend a top swing front derailleur (low clamp) or a bottom swing (high clamp). We recommend the same clamp location for the XCX guide as the front derailleur that your frame would otherwise use.

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What is the difference between S3 and E-type?

They are actually the same thing. SRAM calls the mounting standard S3 whereas Shimano calls it E-type.

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I have a frame that has S1 or S2 front derailleur mounts. Do you make an XCX for that?

We do not make an XCX that is compatible with those mounting standards. They are uncommon and being phased out by most frame manufacturers. In most cases, these bikes are compatible with our XCX-BB guide.

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The XCX-CX and XCX-ST look the same in the pictures. What is the difference between those 2 guides?

Chainline. The XCX-CX was designed to be used with road 39.5-42.5mm chainlines, whereas the XCX-ST was designed for mountain 50-53mm chainlines.

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The XCX+ E-type guide comes with the following in the box for easy install:

  • Guide, preassembled
  • Mounting bolts
  • Chainline spacers
  • Instruction manual