22 April 2009

People heart Chub hearts Sea Otter

I heart chub

It is a complicated affair and we are still in the aloe bath after the blazing sunshine at the 09 Sea Otter, but we’ll try to explain.  We made these t-shirts.  These t-shirts said I “heart” Chub – a Bauhaus tribute to Milton Glaser.  Taken out of context one might think The Hive dreamt this up laughing about the phallic reference.  The truth: we have some people, including all of those in our modestly sized crew, who really do heart Chub.  So Chub was busy at the Sea Otter hearting some folks back with complimentary shirts, geared rear hub previews, and that generally friendly Chub demeanor.  Check out some of the action posted on cyclingnews.com and here from everyone’s favorite Outcast, Chipps Chippendale.  Read on for more action shots.

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