P3 Connect Interface

The Polygon 3 Lobe Interface was designed using German DIN 32711-P3 Polygon interface  commonly found on high torque industrial applications including tank drive shaft components. This provides 100% spindle to crankarm surface contact and avoids splined interface degradation – the primary causes of crank loosening and creaking.


APS (Adaptive Preload System)

A newly designed tool-less bearing preload mechanism. Available on all 2013 and newer TRS and LG1 cranksets.



Our double and triple ring Shifting Technology that enables fast up and downshifts regardless of conditions and terrain


IFD (Impact Flexure Design)

All of our Direct Mount Bashguards, Turbochargers, and pedal engineered plastics employ IFD to allow for a slight amount of deformation away from drivetrain and other critical components when impacted instead of fracturing and splintering.


LEX (Lightweight EXtrusion)

Our new LEX and LEXe processes yield rims that are strong enough to be used as daily riders cross the any terrain you can throw at it. Our LG1 rims incorporate the LEXe process which involves brazing in eyelets to keep material only where you need it.


Angular Contact (AC) Bearings

AC bearings are supported by a thick section of bearing race on either side, as well as top and bottom. These bearings are designed to supporting “combined loads” in both the axial and radial directions. So Jumping and turning, pedaling and turning, crashing and pedaling, jumping and crashing–you get the idea.


660 Freehub

Our indestructible and fully serviceable freehub ratchet mechanism. All of our hubs have a blazing fast 6 degrees and 60 points of engagement to get you the best acceleration on climbs and out of tight corners.


Triple Start Thread

The Triple Start reverse thread nut on our rear axles enables easy rebuilds and adjustment. The nut itself has course threads that start in three separate places so it will always catch, thread right into place, and allow you to adjust the AC bearings without the need for any tools.


TLS (TubeLeSs Compatible)

E*thirteen TubeLeSs Compatible rim profiles have all the features designed in to let your Tubeless tires pop right into place and stay in place without those embarrassing “burps” during high-speed corners. You’ll obviously get the best results if you use our rim tape and valve stems.


EXAlite Aluminum

Our shake and bake blend of 8 special herbs and spices (Silicon, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Magnesium, Chromium, Zinc, and Aluminum.) It comes in three different performance blends: EXAr, EXA+, and basic EXA.